My name is Kotryna. I’m a Lithuanian, a passionate vegan, an author, a YouTuber and a wife.

Since I’ve become vegan in 2012, I’ve published my book in Lithuanian (“Augalinė mityba. Kaip maitintis žaliai Lietuvoje?”) started making videos, writing for local magazines and giving lectures on a healthy, sustainable and compassionate lifestyle which turns to be a high-carb vegan one 🙂  Being vegan made my life so much better, much more exciting and satisfying – especially since it gave me a chance to heal from hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). A thing that even my medicine studies did not help me with.

Check out my social media to learn more about this lifestyle and the things that I do to promote vegan message – such as being featured on national TV, radio and giving a TEDx talk 😉 Contact me if you have any questions of how to make your life awesome as well 🙂 Thanks!